What is an Essay and its types?

Essay writing has become an essential part of education in academic institutes. Teachers give high importance to essay writing and assign a large number of essays to their students every week, they also ask various online sites with write my essay services for references.

Academic writing has become a subject in many degree programs. 

Teachers give high importance to this particular genre of writing as it is the strongest tool they have to evaluate students' ability to writing skills and caliber of critical thinking to express thoughts on various topics.

Students in academic institutes must know what an essay exactly is and what its importance is.

Generally, an essay is a genre of writing which is referred to as story-telling. However, in academic institutes, it is not simply about narrating a story rather it is more than that.

It is also known as academic writing in which a writer has to express its thoughts, ideas, feelings, and emotions significantly.

The primary purpose of academic writing is to encourage students or neophyte writers to express their thoughts which must be relevant to the assigned topic. This practice polishes writing skills and the ability to think critically about various topics.

Students also learn to make research on any kind of statement.

In short, an essay is a piece of writing in which students illustrate a statement in a systematic way to convince the reader according to their point of view.

Essays are of different types. Each type has a unique significance and a primary motif. Students have to put down their ideas according to the assigned topic.

There are four major types of academic essays endorsed by different essay writing service sites which are as follows:

a)    Narrative essay

b)    Descriptive essay

c)    Expository essay

d)    Persuasive essay

All the afore-mentioned essay types have unique characteristics which make them distinguishable from one another.

Let's have a look at each type of essay one by one.

a) Narrative essay:

In this particular type of essay, a writer has to narrate a personal experience that he faced in his life in the form of a story. As everyone likes telling and hearing stories, students often consider marking down this specific type of essay as easy as a piece of cake.

Well, it is not entirely the case. Narrating a life experience in academic writing is never easy. A writer has to plot a character, scene, climax, and then the conclusion. These are the basic ingredients in writing a handy narrative essay.

b) Descriptive essay:

It is another type of essay in which a writer has to comprehensively describe a situation, place, object, emotion, or a person. A writer has to draw a clear and vivid picture of the situation so that a reader can feel it in his imaginations. For this purpose, a writer has to use the sensory details while writing this particular style of essay. It also requires strong writing skills and a vast vocabulary.

c) Expository essay:

When a writer explains a statement in a straightforward way than that particular genre of writing is labeled as an expository essay.

In this particular type of essay, an essay writer is not allowed to use emotions or personal opinions. Rather he has to make a balanced analysis of the assigned topic.

d) Persuasive essay:

Convincing a reader according to your point of view is never as easy as falling off a log. As obvious by its name, a persuasive essay is about convincing a reader. It is the utmost responsibility of a writer to mention such an argument that must stir up emotions in the reader's mind and he changes his point of view according to the writer's opinion.

An essay writer or essay typer has to use words to change a reader's opinions. 

There is no space for facts and figures in this type of essay. So, it is important for all students to first understand what essay and its types are all about and then commence writing different types of essays.

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